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Cumin is the second most popular spice in the world after black pepper. Used for their specific aroma (owing to essential oil Cuminaldehyde), they are used right from Indian Masalas to varieties of Mexican, Chinese, Mediterranean and Latino cuisines. There is virtually no kitchen on the planet where this popular spice is not used. However its aroma differs from country to country where it is grown and the Indian variety is undoubtedly the leader.

Botanical Name:  Cuminum cyminum
Indian Name:        Jeera
Other Names:       Pl note Caraway is not Cumin
Drying:                    Sun Dried
Cleaning:               Auto Sortexed



Purity: 99%, 98%

Admixture: 1%

Moisture: 12% Max.

Mold: No mold

Count: 300 Seeds per gram

Cleaning: machine cleaned

GMO Status: Not genetically modified



25,50 Kg PP Bags

20' HC (12.50 MT)

40' HC (25.00 MT)

Stuffing in container

Manual stacking, un-palletized

Source: India

Port of Loading: Kandla, Mundra

SGS, Control Union or Customer specified agency [Optional : inspection fee extra]


Cumin seed crop is harvested during January to March